What is a TSCM Survey?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) is the industry term for security work that includes debugging sweeps, wiretap detection, and related counter surveillance activities. The purpose of TSCM is to help businesses and individuals protect themselves from unauthorized and illegal spying activities. TSCM involves the systematic physical and electronic examination of a designated area by properly trained, qualified, and equipped persons in an attempt to discover electronic eavesdropping devices, security hazards, and/or security weaknesses.

A Technical Surveillance Countermeasures survey is a complicated procedure requiring both investigative and technical skills. TSCM training is obtained from government and private sources, and must be a continuous process. A proper survey will utilize laboratory grade test equipment and equipment specifically engineered for TSCM work. The equipment seen listed in most “spy shop” catalogs does not fall into either of the preceding categories. The purpose of the TSCM survey is to locate any electronic intelligence gathering devices, and to identify any naturally occurring audio paths which could be exploited for espionage purposes. The survey will also identify procedural deficiencies which detract from the overall security of the facility or residence.

Do I Need a TSCM Survey?

Anyone who suspects they are the subject of illegal eavesdropping needs TSCM services. But who might that be?

Warning signs:

  • You have access to Information that could be profitable or damaging to someone
  • Private conversations or information has been repeated or has referred to you
  • Competitors frequently seem one step ahead of you
  • Losing deals and bids that you should be winning
  • Confidential information, intelligence or trade secrets are known to others

Any company, organization or individual with access to valuable or potentially damaging information could be a target of interest to an eavesdropper.

Where am I Vulnerable?

Places of business:

  • Executive offices
  • Secretarial offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Telephone switch rooms

Telephones / Fax / Audio-Visual gear


Cell Phones

Where you may let your guard down:

  • Cars
  • Jets
  • Boats
  • Homes
  • Weekend retreats
  • Hotels
  • Locker Rooms
  • Cafes

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About Us

Nautilus TSCM provides the information you need to keep your office safe from corporate espionage and your life secure in every way. We have the equipment and the knowledge to properly scan offices, vehicles, boardrooms, conference suites, executive lodges, homes, and other buildings or meeting places for vulnerability or recording devices. Our experts offer consultation, information, and review techniques to ensure there is no eavesdropping on your private conversations.

If your discussions could provide someone with benefits, financial or otherwise, you should seriously consider having your business and personal areas swept for bugs. We at Nautilus can prepare you with information and a thorough visual, electronic, and physical examination in your facility. Please contact us if you think you might be at risk or have any more questions.

Bug Sweeping Services

We provide the following services to assist in identifying corporate espionage or personal eavesdropping:

TSCM Consultation: In order to identify not only the presence of recording or other surveillance equipment in your facility, we start with a consultation outlining the people who may have access to sensitive areas including all staff, whether part-time or full-time. Our agents will thoroughly vet the security systems in place and any other potentially vulnerable systems. We are seeking to acquire all the information needed for a thorough investigation.

Vulnerability Assessments: We appraise your physical building and electronic devices for vulnerable places in which someone may have placed a bug or recording advice. If there is a hole somewhere in your systems or processes, we seek to identify it for further examination and analysis. Our agents are experienced in finding a solution for vulnerable areas that may or may not have been compromised already.

Bug Sweeps: Using a variety of equipment, we can sweep your office, cell phones, computers, and other devices and areas to identify potential misuse or tampering with equipment. Feel safe after knowing that we can completely scan an entire area, inside and out, to ensure your private information stays private. We also offer a service of sweeping meeting rooms prior to high profile meetings and can offer on site monitoring to prevent information loss before, during and after the meeting

High Profile Bug Sweeps: We offer a service of sweeping meeting rooms prior to high profile meetings. Additionally, we provide on site monitoring to prevent information loss before, during, and after important meetings.

Corporate Security: Conducting business espionage security checks and providing advice on how to proceed. These are useful not only for suspicious behaviors or actions, but for businesses changing to a new office, at a remote corporate event, conducting meetings while on vacation, or even employees who use personal devices for professional communication.

Cell Phone Forensics: Forensic investigation consisting of a physical and electronic inspection in order to detect devices connected to, or transmitting from telephone lines, electrical lines, cable lines, data systems, phone system, airwaves, and physical areas around the phone.

Bodyguard Consulting Services

We offer advising and consulting on how to go about being safe in everyday activities. In addition, we provide in-person protection service.

Individual Security: Protect your family, your house, and yourself from attacks. Whether you are at risk because of an incident, a legal proceeding, or your high-profile status, we can offer consulting and protection services at the level you need.

Executive Protection: Offering protection during executive duties either on or off the clock. We focus on security, investigative measures, training, and consulting solutions.


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